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Burt's RV Trip across the U.S.A. April 20-May 20, 2007

I looked at homes near Hereford, Arizona. This was my favorite at $399,000. It was not as nice as the one in Arkansas but it comes with 10 acres of land with cows grazing (most of the land you see in the pictures) and weather is not humid at all, although hot.

Entering Sedona, Arizona

I would put more pictures of Sedona, Arizona in however its beauty cannot really be captured on the flat screen.

Hiking in a canyon near Sedona, notice the sweater it was 45F, many creeks had to be crossed, a man my age fell last week and broke his hip, the wet rocks crossing were slippery.

It was supposed be a 4 mile hike but it never seemed to end. Starting temperature was 45, ending temperature 82F. I I am terrible on trails in following them. I thought I was at the end but I was not. I teamed up with a fellow and I think I reached the end. He wanted to tell his family he slept in 39 degree weather (although it was only 41), I wanted to say I reached the end of the trail. We agreed to support the others story.

Hikers I met on the trail, dog carries more than his share.

At a scenic overlook there were Indians selling all kinds of beads and jewelry, the man shown is an Indian, but from New Delhi.

One of my goals in travel life was to see the Grand Canyon, I thought Sedona was the most beautiful area I ever saw, until the Grand Canyon. People all day were asking me if I was from Kansas City, why?

The Colorado River at the base of the Grand Canyon, 3000 feet below. Hard to believe it is 100F down there.  I was talking to a man who lived near Nevada, he told me their daily height was 120, overnight low 98. He said they can turn off their water heater in the summer as the air heats the water. He says his gas grill reaches 200F without turning it on. . I checked the tire pressure in my bike and I was shocked to find out it went up 20 pounds from when I left home. I know why, do you?

Five people are killed per year falling off the edge, two are suicides. The rangers have 48 hours to retrieve the body, which is very dangerous.

In the center is the Bright Angel trail that I hiked down, I only went one third the way down. At the bottom it reaches 100 degrees plus, 30 degrees warmer than the rim.

As I hiked the trail, mules had the right of way. Mule riders paid $350 for a ride to the bottom and an overnight stay at Phantom Ranch.  Mules have a 200 pound limit.

I actually was heading up the trail but turned around for the picture and an excuse to catch my breath.

Proof I made it down to the first major rest area on the Bright Angel Trail. People coming up from the river had started at 4:30AM with headlamps.

The parents of these kids deserve the idiots of the year award. These kids are playing in the mule ring where the mules poop.

In Grand Canyon there were many foreigners, from many countries, but they know which team is the winner.

There are shuttle busses to take you around the South Rim, they are slow, this one waited for a woman to finish her cigarette before moving on. I said to the driver, "are you really going to hold up 25 riders for 2 minutes so she can finish her cigarette.?

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