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Burt's RV Trip across the U.S.A. April 20-May 20, 2007

The blue line indicates my route, I mostly avoided interstates, preferring to see the country rather than "make time." I had to remember the trip was the destination, not any particular location.

On my way to Pennsylvania I went through a out of the way winding road near Bear Mountain, both of these pictures were taken at the same place, my daughter Samantha is to the left, however Samantha's picture was taken nine years ago, What are the odds I happen across the same out of the way rest area nine years apart?

On the road in Pennsylvania, the temperature was 65 but clearly winter was not in the too distant past.

My first hike was through the woods to the so called Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. As you can see the path is not too clear because of leaves. It was supposed to be 3/4 mile, I left the RV at 630PM, sunset was at 8 PM, the hike was far longer and I barely got back before dark. Dumb me, I did not bring the GPS , flashlight or cell phone, this could have ended badly. I did not repeat that mistake

This is the "Grand Canyon" of Pennsylvania, how far would you drive to see it? It just happen to be on my way.

At the bottom of the canyon is a 50 mile bike trail that is supposed to be the most scenic bike trail in the country, not quite, but it is OK. I rode about 14 miles. On the other side of the river are houses with NO access I could see. I think they park their car on the opposite bank and row over to their house, now that is isolated.

At the next campground in Pa. I stayed in there was fishing, but it was restricted. It was a good father/son/daughter area.

Leader of the idiot of the month club, this guy ran into a deer.

Why put a truck stop on my web page? Because they allow RVers to "boondock", that is to stay for free. It is noisy with the trucks pulling in and out, but it is free and there are supplies nearby. They have WI-FI but it is $5 and SLOW. Gas on the trip varied from $2.71-$3.24.

Next it was on to the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, it cost $15 to get in but the Skyline Drive of 120 miles was as scenic as they come.

The altitude through most of the park was 3000-5000 feet, there were about 100 scenic overlooks, if I stopped at each of them I would still be there.

I met this man in the Shenandoah, his RV is a Class "A", 7MPG, he is a full timer all by himself, it gave me thoughts.

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