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Burt and Samantha in Manhattan

On our way to New York Samantha wanted to stop at a bagel place in Connecticut, but she was unsure where it was. We drove 10 miles looking for it, but she never gives up, she loved the bagels.

Obviously we made it to New York, Samantha had been in Morocco but I got the shirt, Samantha bargained it down to $2

Samantha tried to walk me to death but I got her to take the tour of Radio City Music Hall.

Seats 6000, last times I was there was 55 years ago with my parents to see Eddie Fisher, it looks the same because it has been restored

Not your typical multiplex theatre

The bathrooms male and female are worthy of the Radio City Music Hall, these bathrooms are just like the ones at Cape Tech (my school).

I managed to pick up a date in New York, actually this is a 19 year old Rockette, the guide asked if anyone wanted a picture with her. No one spoke up until I did, then everyone wanted a picture.

One of Samantha's best friends since middle school, Emily, now lives in New York. I was very impressed with Emily, she morphed into a poised young woman. She was in NYC on Sept 11 and was quite affected by it, she related some stories of that day.

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