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Burt's RV Trip across the U.S.A. April 20-May 20, 2007

Prices on Old Route 66

Route 66 next to its replacement, US-I-40

RVing on Route 66

Oklahoma Cell Phone

After a night of rain in Amarillo, Texas one of my goals was to see the "Cadillac Ranch" on Route 66. I thought I had passed it but careful mapping, I found it. The Cadillac Ranch, located along the tatters of historic Route 66, was built in 1974, brainchild of Stanley Marsh 3, the helium millionaire who owns the dusty wheat field where it stands. Marsh and The Ant Farm, a San Francisco art collective, assembled used Cadillacs representing the "Golden Age" of American Automobiles (1949 through 1963). The ten graffiti-covered cars are half-buried, nose-down, facing west "at the same angle as the Cheops' pyramids."

One of the problems was the downpour had turned the field into a mud pool, this guy's shoes were clean compared to mine. Notice on his shirt what his school is.

As you can see there is a lot of art work on the Caddies.

People leave their paint cans behind.

The Caddies are in a cow pasture, I faced off against them.

The cow is thinking charge, I am thinking spray paint your nose red.

Riding through Roswell, N.M. it was clear aliens were the only thing attracting visitors to the town. The only effect I saw was traffic lights stayed red for 5 minutes.

What is missing in this national forest in New Mexico? Hint: Nothing is as lovely as a _____


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