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Burt's RV Trip across the U.S.A. April 20-May 20, 2007

I stayed at the Great Meadows campground, my RV was 30 feet from the Appalachian Trail, as you can see parking my RV so close to the trail caused them to name section after the gap I left

I hiked a short distance down the Appalachian Trail,  and saw this tree that had split from a recent ice storm, in fact the whole forest was a mess from the ice storm. I never saw another sole on the trail.

And you thought Don Imus was prejudiced. The popular song in the mountain area of Virginia that I heard several times was, "Puff the Magic Negro", referring to Barack Obama.

Let us say deer did not exactly run from people in the mountains. In the morning as I woke up in the RV, out one window I saw the sunrise over the mountains, out the other window were three deer.

As I drove through the Shenandoah Park there were numerous hiking trails, this is at the top of one where I met some people from Vermont with a cell phone that worked. I used the opportunity to call my sister and daughter. The leaves were not out here because at 4000 feet it is cooler, the leaves budded 100 feet per day in altitude, thus it took 30 days to bud at 3000 feet.

Cheap gas?, Not exactly, the rest area had been closed since October.

I  backed into a tree in a campground, I glued it back together, I wonder of the owners found out? RV was only scratched.

I figured I would head to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, as I liked rustic, this was the town of Pigeon Forge in the Smokey Mountains, it looked far more like Las Vegas with a "strip" three miles long. Big Surprise.

One of the shows on the "strip" was a 50s show, it was supposed to be $30 but I got a senior citizen discount, a AAA discount and it was only $17 plus I got the best seat in the house, first row, center. Add to that the show was great, they were able to copy all kinds of artists very well. Near the end of the show they asked all veterans to stand ( I was U.S.A.F.) and they sang America the Beautiful and God Bless America. It was clear the country I was in was NOT liberal New England. This was one of the highlights of the trip. It was clearly the best show I had even seen in my life.  Click here to hear part of the best show ever!!!!

After leaving Pigeon Fork I found the real  Smoky Mountains, my RV cried as we climbed and climbed and climbed. The cars behind me were none too happy.

I was in North Carolina but seconds later I was in Tennessee. See the RV?

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