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Burt goes to EGYPT November 2006

As you can see you can never find a cop when you need one. They have regular police, tourist police and soldiers, none speak English although almost all signs that are in more than one language include English. There is no drug problem in Egypt punished by death. Gays can be jailed.


Another rainy day in Egypt.  Those tall things in the background are Obelisks. If you want to find out more about them see:

Obelisk of the World

This is the boat we traveled on down the Nile. It was very smooth just like Samantha promised. Since there was limited docking you frequently had to walk through other boats to get to your boat. There were metal detectors everywhere except the toilet, in which of course there was no toilet paper.

This was our view from the Nile, lush green near the river, desert just beyond. By the way several people were concerned about West Nile virus, they do not have it Egypt but they do have Montezuma's revenge


The best part of the boat. Of course you could not drink the water, even use it to brush your teeth or eat the lettuce or drink the juice. Most did not but most got sick, I got sick first and least. I got sick just as I was heading into another temple, headed back to the bus, had trouble finding it, when I did the toilet was locked, they had trouble finding the key. There was no toilet paper in it but wise me carried some in my pack. I would have paid $10 for toilet paper, but I stole it from the boat. On a previous tour the Tour director related a story where his students became totally constipated on the boat and had stomach aches but no one else on the boat got sick.  The chef told him to have the kids drink the juice (he had told the kids to avoid the water and juice because it could give them diarrhea), further in this case the juice was laced with laxative.

One of the members of our tour handing out free pencils, you would have thought she was giving out gold coins.

Notice the ever present tourist police. Like someone is going to steal the statues. However in 1997 there was a terrorist attack here where 32 people were killed and two tour guides died as well.                          


This girl harassed us to buy bracelets, but I offered to pay to take her picture, she agreed if we would hide from the police.

This picture is taken from the boat as we were surrounded by row boats offering their wares. They would toss items on to the boat whether they were asked for or not. The buyer then put the money in a plastic bag. MUCH debating on price took place. One of our tour bought a towel for $25, I bought a similar one for $5

We had to dress up for a party. Please laugh quietly

Burt, generous Eric and Darcy (photo by Nicole Rost)

Earning your keep (photo by Nicole Rost)

Yankees fans even in Egypt

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